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Monday 6th July
Our ninth Zoom meeting of the season was a Photoshop presentation by club member Barry Harrington.

Barry demonstrated his step by step guide to converting an image into a watercolour, complete with texture, frame, and signature. This session was recorded and will be made available to club members

An thoroughly enjoyable evening, with very clear instructions was enjoyed by 30 club members

Monday 29th June
Our eighth Zoom meeting of the season was a lecture by Astrid McGechan entitled Feel the Land - Photography & Emotion.

It was great to welcome members from the Mid Sussex Camera Club to the meeting, boosting attendance to 62 people.

Astrid gave us an interesting and “thought provoking” evening, starting with an image which got her interested in photography through to her exhibition work.

An enjoyable evening with images including Landscapes, Skyscapes, Street Photography, Multiple Exposures and ICM

Monday 22nd June
Our seventh Zoom meeting of the season was a presentation by former club member Jason Bax of his photographic journey from amateur to professional in the field of equestrian photography. Jason's talk accompanied by his impressive images put across his commitment and passion for this specialist field of photography and the knowledge and connections he has built up to be in the right place at the right time.

We had 33 members join us for the evening.

Monday 15th June
Our sixth Zoom meeting of the season was a presentation from Tal Chohan, entitled Wildlife from home to Tadabar

The first half commenced with an overview of how Tal got into photography, the equipment he used and his workflow. This was followed by a series of images on local wildlife, explaining how he wanted to take images with a “twist” and the techniques that he used

The second half was spent discussing his trips to Tabadar and sharing his images of Tigers and other wildlife that lived in the park. The Tiger images were amazing, and it was clear from the lecture that he has a passion for the animals and their preservation

An enjoyable evening attended by 40 members, concluding with a Q&A session

Monday 8th June
Our fifth Zoom meeting of the season was our Annual Colour PDI Competition, judged by Tony Bramley FRPS. There were 39 members in attendance, with 30 images in League 1, 30 images in league 2 & 20 in league 3. Tony judged all entries, providing good critique on the images and awarding 3 HC's and 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each league. Well done to all winners.
Monday 1st June
Our fourth Zoom meeting of the season was a presentation from club member Nick Alston, entitled A Year in Sport

Nick started the evening, showing some very early sport images that he had taken whilst at working as a Master at Eton and then showing us his more recent sport images, explaining (and demonstrating) how they could be improved in Post Production

Nick covered a wide range of sports, including Judo, Boxing, Athletics, Rugby, Football and Motor Sports providing us with technical guidance on settings to use indoors and outdoors and hints, tips, and techniques that he has learn during his project

An enjoyable evening attended by 37 members which concluded with a Q&A session

Monday 25th May
Our third Zoom meeting of the season was a lecture by Polina Plotnikova entitled Starting from a Blank Canvas.

31 members enjoyed an evening of two halves. The first half focused on her Flower Photography, explaining her inspiration, techniques and sharing her images. The second half focusing on her Still Life work again from inspiration to the final image.

A fascinating evening with some very impressive photographs

Monday 18th May
Our second Zoom meeting of the season was our Annual Monochrome PDI Competition, judged by Tony Bramley FRPS. There were 37 members in attendance, with 24 images in League 1, 26 images in league 2 & 18 in league 3. Tony judged all entries in an hour, providing good critique on the images and awarding 3 HC's and 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each league. Well done to all winners.

Monday 12th May
Jane Lazenby was our first "Zoom" lecture of the season, presenting Lockdown Textures.
The first half was an overview of her work, sharing her textures and completed images. The second half was a "how to" using photoshop with clear and concise instructions, which can be found on her You Tube site. A fascinating evening, enjoyed by 40 members

Monday 23rd March
Club evenings have been cancelled until further notice due to Government advice on minimising social contact during the coronavirus epidemic
Monday 16th March
Our judge for the 4th round of the PDI league was Malcolm Hardy who had travelled up from Whitstable. During the careful critique of each image Malcolm referred and compared to the many photographic styles he had studied and gave considered advice as to how images could be improved.
Congratulations to the winning photographers Andy Kemp, Pat Crosby and Jane Barrett.
Monday 9th March
Ann Miles FRPS EFIAP MPAGB FBPE presented her lecture, Monochrome My Way giving an insight into how she produces her stunning images.

Anne showed us her Prints/DPI’s from Iceland, Russia and Cambridge, advising how she converted/improved them using tools within Photoshop & Silver Efex Pro. Weather was not an obstacle for Anne, with some her best images shot in snow, rain and mist. A thoroughly enjoyable evening and one that has hopefully re-ignited people’s interest in monochrome

Monday 2nd March
The fourth Print League competition of the season with 38 images across the 3 sections (Entry: 6, Advanced: 12 & Premier:20), judged by Ron Tear ARPS MPAGB PSA3 BPE4*. Ron provided excellent critique of each image, holding back several of the prints for a “second look”. The evening was populated with several very entertaining stories and finished with Ron asking each of the “high scorers” how they achieved their images.

Well done to the winners of each section: Entry: Captive Titan View by Bradley Bailey, Advanced: Nepalese Craftsmen by Paul Thwaites & Premier: Moorhen with large catch by Darren Lindsey

Monday 24th February
Graham Mee Group Leader RSPB stepped in to replace Roger Hance who was unable to attend. Graham treated us to a very entertaining talk covering the birds that visit his garden over the 12 months of the year supported by his photos which showed you don't have to go far from home to get a good image.
Monday 17th February
Our PDI Animal and Plants Trophy Competition was very well supported by our members with 52 entries submitted. The judge for evening Gordon Bramham MPAGB EFIAP/b remarked on the overall high standard of the images and gave us his observations on how images would be judged in International Nature Competitions as well as critiquing and choosing the winning images for the night. Congratulations to Jane Barrett for her 1st place image "Descending Eurasian Lynx".
Monday 10th February
Tom Way presented his lecture, wildlife through a lens.

A fascinating evening on Tom’s fine art wildlife photography. During the evening Tom explained what it takes to be a Professional Wildlife Photographer, explaining the importance of light, the right angles and the emphasis on trying to compose a sellable image when looking through the lens. Tom shared stories/images about his adventures over the years, illustrating his talk with amazing images of lions, tigers, elephants and a few from nearer home, foxes and badgers. Finishing the evening with a short Q&A session.

Monday 3rd February
Our second PDI Trophy of the season on the set subject of Scapes was expertly judged by Dr Julie Hutson DPAGB ARPS

Julie was presented with 57 images, providing interesting critique and feedback on each one. Julie held back 20, eventually whittling them down to 3 Highly commended and 3 winning images. Well done to Barry Harrington for taking first place for his image, The Lighthouse

Monday 27th January
Ex Member and good friend of the club, Don Thompson (BPE3*) presented his lecture Top, Middle & Bottom.
Don displayed a large range of images covering his street photography, wildlife, still life, sport and images that he liked, advising that we need to remember that we should be taking photos that please us, if the judge likes them it’s a bonus! The evening was filled with funny anecdotes and stories which made for a very enjoyable evening.

Monday 20th January
Our third PDI competition of the season was well supported with 24 Images in League One, 27 Images in League Two and 14 Images in League Three. Our judge for the evening was Caroline Preece, who provided detailed critique and good advice on possible improvements to the images
Scapes Trophy Competition 3rd February
Paul Raddon has been replaced by Graham Parry as the judge for this competition
Monday 13th January
The third Print League competition of the season, with 44 images across the 3 sections, judged by David Steel DPAGB. David provided excellent critique of each image, offering guidance on how he would improve the images.

Well done to the winners of each section: Entry: Lone Sentry by Bradley Bailey. Advanced: Misty Sunrise Fishing Trip by Paul Thwaites. Premier: Leah by Jane Bysouth
Monday 6th January
Happy New Year. Our first meeting of 2020 was a PDI Trophy competition on the subject of Sport. The competition was judged by Naomi Saul ARPS DPAGB ASINWP EFIAP who reviewed and marked 44 images covering Football, Rugby, Boxing, Cricket, Hockey, Canoeing/Kayaking and Motorcycle sports. A really enjoyable evening with good critique and feedback.
Monday 16th December
Our last meeting of 2019, the Annual Fish and Chip Supper. An enjoyable evening with good food, a raffle and a general knowledge quiz, who knew Lamborghini made tractors! A nice way to end the first half of the season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all members.

Monday 9th December
The second Print League competition with 38 entries across the three sections, judged by Vic Hainsworth ARPS, DPAGB. Vic gave lots of positive critique of the images including a number of 10's demonstrating the quality of work on display. Robin Vinten claimed Best Image in the Entry Level with'Grey Squirrel'. Geoff Eldred's imaginative and eye catching image, 'Runny Honey' was best image in the Advanced and Jane Barrett's 'Elephant sneaking a drink' topped the list in the Premier Level.
Monday 2nd December
Barbie Lindsay (MPAGB EFIAP/s FBPE) & Russell Lindsay (FBPE EFIAP MPAGB) presented their lecture, 50 Shades of Pink & Grey. They displayed a large range of their images, including Wildlife, Street scenes & Portraits, with a detailed explanation of thinking behind the shot and how they created it. This lecture certainly provided “food for thought” and will hopefully inspire people to “give it a go”
Monday 25th November
Our third Trophy competition of the season, Animals & Plants was judged by friend of the club Mike Fuller. There were 39 print entries covering birds, animals, flowers and fungi. A very enjoyable evening with great critique from Mike, who said they he enjoys trying to understand the story around each image. Well done to the winners
Monday 18th November
We were treated to a fascinating lecture from Peter Warne on “Night photography of all sorts”. The lecture commenced with night shots of Copped (Copt) Hall, with detailed explanations of how the shots were captured, the lights and settings used. We progressed through photographing the night sky, which included how to photograph the Moon, star trails, the Aurora (Northern Lights) and Milky Way. Painting with light, using fireworks and wire wool and street photography. Peter kindly provided us with a document which detailed all the points discussed.
Monday 11th November
Our second PDI competition of the season was well supported with 24 Images in League one, 28 Images in League two and 16 Images in League three. Our judge for the evening was Phil Ricketts ARPS, who provided detailed critique and good advice on possible improvements to the images
Monday 4th November
We were treated to an informative evening entitled 'Tips & tricks of wildlife photography' courtesy of Essex wildlife photographer, Russell Savory.
The first half was a “how to” where Russell shared his tips and tricks, with particular reference to Planning, Preparation and Patience. In the second half Russell showcased a collection of his images of Birds (mostly Owls), Hares, Insects, Water Voles & Beavers, finishing the evening with a film he shot for the Essex Wildlife trust.

Monday 28th October
Our first Print League Competition of the season, judged by David Halls LRPS. Their were 43 Prints entered (9 in Entry, 14 in Advanced and 20 in Premier) covering all genres of photography. David provided great critique and feedback on all of the prints. Well done to the winners of Best Print in each league.
Monday 21st October
We were treated to an excellent talk by Colin Brister who not only showed us superb images but also described the off camera lighting he had used to light each subject. Colin is a professional motocross photographer and his bike images put us in the thick of the action but Colin’s portfolio shown last night extended to portrait, nature and landscape images.
Monday 14th October
Our First PDI Competition of the season was well supported with 24 Images in League one, 28 Images in League two and 20 Images in League three. Our Judge for the evening was Harold Mouseley ARPS AFIAP who gave a detailed and insightful critique of each image.
Monday 7th October
A very enjoyable evening in the company of John and Anne Wallington, who took us on a journey through the country parks of Patagonia. We were able to enjoy the landscape, animals, birds and flowers via images taken throughout the trip. A great evening on a very wet October night.
Monday 30th September
Our second Trophy competition of the season, Monochrome which was judged by Roy Essery, MPAGB. There were 34 entries covering wildlife, architecture, landscapes and people studies. A very enjoyable evening with great critique from Roy. Well done to the winners, especially with Roy commenting on the level of entries he was asked to judge.
Monday 23rd September
An inspirational evening delivered by Chris Shepherd, telling us how his camera had got him into all sorts of situations and how photography had prevailed! Lots of ideas to help flagging photographers and how to keep this hobby interesting and creative.
Monday 16th September
The first Print Trophy of the season, Portrait & Figure judged by Martin Barnard LMPA. Twenty-seven entries covering a wide range of portraiture from street to studio.
Monday 9th September
Our first lecture of the season; The life of a Photographic Art Director' presented by Robin Lowry. An enjoyable evening with two lectures. The first half covered Robin’s day job of directing photographers on shooting images for new cars and explaining how certain affects were achieved. The second half covered his hobby of wildlife photography, especially Birds.
Monday 2nd September
Our opening night of the season began with the presentation of club trophies to last season’s winners, followed by a short lecture on Monochrome Photography by our guest speaker Ron Tear, ARPS MPAGB PSA3 BPE4*
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