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PDI League Results 2019/20

Best Image League 3
Lori Wiseman Banded Demoiselle 14-Oct-19
Fred Jaques Autumn Garden 11-Nov-19
Steve Thompson Le Tour 20-Jan-20
Best Image League 2
Vaughan White The Mill 14-Oct-19
Peter Albrecht gas pipes,canvey island 11-Nov-19
Alan White Canoe in Mist 20-Jan-20
Best Image League 1
Cheryl Kirby Symmetry 14-Oct-19
Jane Barrett Cheetah early morning prowl 11-Nov-19
Barry Harrington Mandrill 20-Jan-20

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League 3 Places
1st Fred Jaques 56
2nd Lori Wiseman 52
3rd Colin Smith 47.5
3rd Andy Kemp 47.5
League 2 Places
1st Vaughan White 55.5
2nd Geoff Eldred 52.5
2nd Hazel White 52.5
3rd Pat Crosby 51.5
3rd Peter Albrecht 51.5
League 1 Places
1st Jane Barrett 55
2nd Paul Thwaites 54
2nd Darren Lindsey 54
2nd Barry Harrington 54
3rd Richard Wiseman 51
3rd Nick Alston 51

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